Investor Relations

Policy Regarding Public Disclosure of Corporate Information

As a result of the October 23, 2000 effective date for SEC Regulation FD, Expeditors is taking this opportunity to announce a formal policy regarding public disclosure of corporate information. Expeditors has consistently refused to comment on the financial projections of individual stock analysts and has always avoided selectively giving information to current or potential shareholders. Effective with the press release for third quarter 2000 earnings issued with this policy statement, Expeditors will handle requests for corporate information as follows:

  • All requests for corporate information concerning Expeditors' operations must be submitted in writing. This policy applies equally to securities analysts, current shareholders and potential shareholders. Requests can be made by mail or courier to Expeditors International of Washington, Inc., 1015 Third Avenue, Suite 1200, Seattle, Washington 98104 Attention: Chief Financial Officer, by faxing the request to 206-674-3459, or by email to
  • Written responses to selected inquiries will be released to the public by a posting on the internet at and by simultaneous filing with the SEC under Item 7.01 on Form 8-K. Except in the case of inquiries following the quarterly earnings press release, the selected responses, if any, will become available before the market opens on the first business day after the 15th of the month. Selected answers to inquiries directed at quarterly financial performance received by the close of the first full business day after the press release is issued will become available within the following forty-eight hours.
  • Any other analyst or investor contacts, whether by telephone or in person, will be conducted with the understanding that questions directed at ongoing operations will not be discussed. Management will limit responses to discussions of previously disclosed information, including informational discussions directed to the history and operating philosophy of the Company and an understanding of the global logistics industry and its competitive environment.
  • Expeditors will, of course, make public disclosures at other times as required by law or commercial necessity. The Company reserves the right to report any non-written contact when the intent appears to be to obtain selective disclosure in violation of this policy and the spirit of regulation FD.